Undergraduate Academic Advising Council

The Undergraduate Academic Advising Council is an advisory body that makes recommendations to the Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education about how best to serve our students’ needs for high quality academic advising.

Charge: The primary purpose of the Undergraduate Academic Advising Council (UAAC) is to foster the exchange of information among units that perform academic advising and units that support academic advising at UC Davis.  The council also provides system-wide academic advising recommendations to the Office of Academic Advising and to the Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education. 

Chairs of the Assessment, Technology, and Training Task Forces represent those groups on the UAAC.

Attending Members

  • Aranovich, Raul (L&S)
    Professor of Linguistics
  • Bates, Arnette (SASC)
    Assistant Director
  • Brady, Siobhan (CBS)
    Professor of Plant Biology
  • Caswell-Chen, Ed (CAES)
    Professor of Entomology
  • Collatz, Ariel (L&S)
    Undergraduate Programs Manager, Arts Group Advising Center
  • Cooley-Broughton, Nefretiri
  • Cordone, Ali Marie (Registrar)
    Assistant University Registrar
  • Falk, Tracy (SOE)
    Undergraduate Advisor
  • Floyd, Beth (L&S)
    Director, Undergraduate Education & Advising
  • Fudge, Brenda (Admissions)
    Undergraduate Admissions Advisor
  • Gomez-Camacho, Rosa (Center for Student Affairs Assessment)
    Assistant Director
  • Graening, Letia (L&S)
    International Academic Counselor
  • Grissom, Tracy (L&S)
    Assistant Director, Undergraduate Education and Advising
  • Hack, Elvira (CAES)
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Kirk-Holland, Marcie (ICC)
  • Kisting, Pamela (COE)
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Knox, Sharon (UE)
    Director of Communications
  • Martinez, Emma (CAES)
    Staff Adviser
  • Martinez, Alma (HARCS)
  • McCarthy, Caitlyn (L&S)
    Academic Advisor
  • McFarlane, Brett (UE)
    Director of Academic Advising
  • Prieto-Tseregounis, Emily (OCP)
    Chief of Staff
  • Rico, Timo (Center for Student Affairs Assessment)
  • Roppeau, Michelle (Athletics)
    Director of Academic Advising
  • Ross, Cheri (L&S)
    Professor of Comparative Literature
  • Saldana-Seibert, Maria (CBS)
  • Santiago, Danielle Mae Queturas (ASUCD)
  • Schaaf, Jim (COE)
    Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs & Advising
  • Shasky, Kate (MPS)
    Director of Advising
  • Shaw, Benjamin (COE)
    Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Snapp, Joanne (CBS)
    Director of Health Professions
  • Takaoglu, Dawn (UE)
    International & Academic English Coordinator
  • van Beek, Heidi (UHP)
    Assistant Director
  • Vazirani, Monica (Math)
    Professor of Math
  • Vivar, Donna (CAES)
    Advising Director
  • Wagner, Catrina (Housing)
    Director of NSAS