Assessment Task Force

Angelina Pasley, Brett McFarlane, Jim Schaaf and Tiffany Johnson at an ATF meeting

The Assessment Task Force is an advisory group that makes recommendations to the Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education about how best to serve our students’ needs for high quality academic advising.

Committee Charge: The primary purpose of the Advising Assessment Task Force (ATF) is to create a campus-wide plan for the assessment of academic advising and oversee targeted broad-based advising assessment initiatives.  

Attending Members

  • Ebeler, Sue (CA&ES)
    Associate Dean
  • Floyd, Beth (L&S)
    Director, Undergraduate Education & Advising
  • Grissom, Tracy (L&S)
    Assistant Director, Undergraduate Education and Advising
  • Halpert, Jennifer (BASC)
    Academic Advisor
  • Lee, Joe (CA&ES)
    Academic Counselor
  • McFarlane, Brett (UE)
    Executive Director of Academic Advising
  • Moloney, Kara (UE)
    Assessment Lead
  • Saldana-Seibert, Maria (BASC)
    Advising Director
  • Schaaf, Jim (COE)
    Associate Dean
  • Smarkel, Reina (COE)
    Academic Advisor
  • Spight, David (COE)
    Director of Undergraduate Affairs
  • Vivar, Donna (CA&ES)
    Advising Director