UC Davis Academic Advisor Certificate Series

The first phase of a multi-tiered UC Davis Academic Advisor Certificate series launched in fall 2015.  The tri-level series strives to engage advisors during different career stages.  The Level One Certificate establishes a baseline of knowledge that includes an introduction to critical campus resources and technology, as well as content that covers fundamental advising concepts.  Level One courses represent student advising competency areas, derived from NACADA’s Advisor Training Competencies.  While the Office of Academic Advising urges all advisors to complete this foundational coursework, it is particularly important information for advisors who are new to the profession or new to UC Davis.  While the Level One certificate is not required, the Developing Deeper Advising Relationships series is a mandatory training workshop for ALL college and departmental advisors.

Our advising colleagues across campus have been responsible for developing certificate workshop curricula. Opportunity exists for further elective course offerings. For those who may be interested in developing and facilitating a new elective course, please complete the UC Davis Academic Advisor Certificate Series Elective Proposal. Send completed proposals here for review by the Advisor Training and Professional Development Task Force.

UC Davis Academic Advisor Certification Level One
  1. Nuts and Bolts: Resources for Student Advisors (Informational)
  2. Working with Distressed and Distressing Students (Relational)
  3. Utilizing Advising Technology (Informational)
  4. Developing Deeper Advising Relationships*, 4-part series (Conceptual)
  5. One Elective (various options)

To achieve certification at level one, you must complete the four core courses, as well as one elective course within a recommended two-year timeframe.  Registration for UC Davis Academic Advisor Certificate Level One coursework is available through SDPS.  A course waiver is available for the Nuts & Bolts workshop for those who meet specific requirements, as stipulated below:

  • ✔ Must have held advisor position at UC Davis for two or more years.
    ✔ Must pass online eCourse (covering workshop content) with a minimum score of 80%.

To access the electronic waiver eCourse: log into the LMS via the UC Learning Center and type “Nuts Bolts Waiver” in the activity search tool.  

UC Davis Academic Advisor Certification Level Two & Three (Development Stage)

Expect a 2017 launch for the Level Two Certification. Level Two Certification enrollment is dependent upon completion of Level One Certification, additionally all enrollees must have worked in an advising position for at least five years with at least two years as an advisor at UC Davis.  The Level Two Certification will emphasize a greater depth of material while fostering further specialization.  After the implementation of the Level Two Certification, planning will begin for the scholarly Level Three Certification geared toward academically driven advisors with research and publishing goals.

*Mandatory for all college and departmental advisors.