2017 UCDAAC Call for Proposals

The 2017 conference will focus on how advisors can play a critical role in the educational experience of our LCFF+ origin undergraduates. We already identify and give special focus to many of these students through programs such as EOP and Guardian Scholars. This is a chance to learn more about these students' backgrounds and to think closely about how we work with them. We urge potential presenters to explore the intersection of LCFF+ backgrounds with other issues. In addition to the LCFF+ concentration, the conference will place an emphasis on highly interactive sessions to help incorporate learning objectives into advising practice.

Conference Session Topics Include:

  • You're Admitted to UC Davis, What happens now?
  • Exploring innovative undergraduate and graduate LCFF student advising techniques used by the Cal NERDS STEMinist initiative at UC Berkeley, an advising case study
  • “Me Myself and Us”: Strategies for Understanding and Supporting Students with Dependents.
  • Acknowledge, Support, and Empower: Using Strength-Based Ingredients to improving educational outcomes for students from foster
  • Success Coaching: Connecting with College Students
  • Creating Community for Foster Youth on College Campuses: Effective Strategies
  • Voices of Asian Womxn on Our Campus
  • Creating your Personal Philosophy of Academic Advising
  • Creating a Path: An EOP Student’s Personal Journey Navigating UCD
  • What's so special about transfer students?
  • GPA Recovery for the PreHealth Student
  • Expanded Interventions for At-Risk Students (Co-classes for Intro Biology and Intro Chemistry)—a program merging academic and social/cultural support
  • Deconstructing the Asterisk: Native Voices on the Undergraduate Experience