Advisor Support Funding Program

Advisor Support Funds Applicationpdf

The Office of Academic Advising is pleased to help support UC Davis academic advisors via the Advisor Support Funding Program. Eligible applicants have been: (1) invited to present at the Region 9 NACADA conference/Annual NACADA conference/UC advising conference, or (2) awarded regional or global level NACADA honors for outstanding performance in an advising capacity. This program allows advisors to apply for funds to assist with associated registration and travel expenses.

Please note that there are also travel awards available through NACADA.


  • Must be current UC Davis faculty or staff member employed through one of the four undergraduate academic colleges.
  • Advisors in the Division of Student Affairs at UC Davis are eligible to apply if presenting with a colleague in one of the colleges on a joint program or if receiving an award based upon outstanding performance in an advising capacity.
  • Must have received a formal invitation/confirmation to either present or be recognized at an upcoming conference.
  • Advisor must have the approval of immediate supervisor to attend the conference.
  • Support will be limited to registration and travel expenses with an expectation that additional support will need to come from the unit level (college/cluster/department/etc.).


  • Application must be submitted and will be reviewed 60 days prior to the respective Region 9 conference or UC advising conference (held in spring) or 90 days prior to the national NACADA conference (held in fall).
  • Application must include:
    • Copy of presentation confirmation or award selection;
    • Written signature from immediate supervisor approving attendance;
    • A budget noting estimated registration, airfare (if applicable), hotel, and any other travel related expenses.
  • Applicants will be notified of any awards 45 days before the conference starting date.
  • Notification will detail approved support funds from the Office of Academic Advising.
  • Financial awards will be paid on a reimbursement basis; recipients will charge awarded amount to a specified account through the AggieTravel reimbursement process.
  • Apply via the pdf application form and follow instructions provided within.


Funding decisions will be based upon (1) the number of applications submitted, (2) the level of conference presentation/award (statewide versus regional versus national), (3) availability of other support sources, and (4) availability of funds for the program. A representative committee will be asked to review applications and provide input to the Office of Academic Advising.

Questions regarding the program should be emailed to Nicole Wood in the Office of Academic Advising at UC Davis.