Advisor Training & Professional Development Task Force

The Advisor Training and Professional Development Task Force is an advisory group that makes recommendations to the Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education about how best to serve our students’ needs for high quality academic advising.

Charge: The primary purpose of the Advisor Training and Professional Development Task force (ATPD) is to enhance training and professional development opportunities for advisors across campus as well as addressing community-building initiatives for advisors.  This task force also oversees the planning committee for the annual UC Davis advising conference.

The ATPD chair represents group at UAAC, and has membership on UAAC if not already included in the UAAC membership charter. 

Attending members

  • Carter, Kayton/Evans, Kawami
    Director/Associate Director, Strategic African American Retention Initiatives
  • Reyes, Mark
    Academic Advisor, College of Letters & Science
  • Creveling, Kate
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Reynolds, Erika
    Assistant Director, Residential Academic Advising, Student Housing
  • Davis, Nancy
    Academic Advisor, College of Engineering
  • Sanchez, Eric
    Assistant Director, Student Academic Success Center
  • Gee, Perry
    Undergraduate Staff Advisor, Departments of Chemistry & Physics
  • Sholer, Kelli (Chair)
    Academic Advisor, Departments of Anthropology & Sociology
  • Lee, Joe
    Academic Counselor, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Smalley, Justin
    Academic Counselor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Lozano, Thomas
    Undergraduate Advisor, Biology Academic Success Center
  • Wood, Nicole
    Advising Analyst, Undergraduate Education (ex-officio)
  • Mansour, Abby
    Undergraduate Advisor, Biology Academic Success Center
  • McFarlane, Brett
    Executive Director of Academic Advising, Undergraduate Education (ex-officio)
  • McMurry, Erin
    Athletic Academic Advisor, Intercollegiate Athletics