DDAR Background & Information

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Developing Deeper Advising Relationships (DDAR) Series Background & Information

From Campus Leadership

The University needs advisors to meet the challenge of creating more significant and intentional relationships with the students we serve. Student and University expectations for advisors are changing, and Developing Deeper Advising Relationships is a major step towards the professional evolution of advising on campus. This workshop series is going to enhance our staff advising relationships through interactive learning, situational role-playing, and self-actualizing training activities, and in particular focusing on the concepts of human equity and inclusion within the context of social group membership and identity exploration.

DDAR Mission Statement

Academic advisors have an important role to play in creating a climate of equity and inclusion on our campuses. To fulfill this role, they need tools beyond what is provided in typical diversity training to develop and foster relationships which can positively impact student success and retention. Developing deeper advising relationships focuses on the concepts of human equity and inclusion within the context of social group membership and identity exploration and includes the goals of helping advisors create more intentional advising relationships and understanding changing expectations for advising.

DDAR Leadership


  • Letia Graening, M.A. | Coordinator, International Academic Advising | Undergraduate Education and Advising | College of Letters and Science Office of the Dean
  • Lauren Worrell, M.A. | Graduate Program Coordinator | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • Brett McFarlane, Ed.D. | Director of Academic Advising | Undergraduate Education
  • Emily Prieto-Tseregounis, Ph.D. | Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Communications and Administration | Chief of Staff, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity  
  • Carolyn Thomas, Ph.D. | Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Education | Professor of American Studies
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Curriculum Outline: brief descriptions of each workshop session


DDAR Leadership can be reached via email at ddar@ucdavis.edu.