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New Advisor Onboarding

About the UC Davis Academic Advisor Training/Onboarding Resource

The decentralized nature of academic advising at UC Davis means that experiences from unit to unit are not always the same. We noticed significant variability in the onboarding experience for new advisors. Similar to how advisors equip students with navigational tools to approach their academic trajectory, we want to equip advisors with the tools needed to successfully navigate the professional scope of their jobs as academic advisors at UC Davis. In light of this, in 2022, we launched an onboarding resource intended for all new academic advisors at UC Davis. This training/onboarding platform provides a foundational level of general advising knowledge and specific institutional information from which to grow as an academic advisor. Learners progress through a series of content-modules via Canvas and can interact with a team of onboarding advisors, as well as other learners within the Canvas discussion board space.

The resource:

  • Provides general information for new UC Davis employees;
  • Introduces key resources, information, and concepts critical to an academic advisor role at UC Davis;
  • Offers examples/samples as a way to begin or broaden an academic advising practice;
  • Facilitates opportunities to build an advising network;
  • Helps establish a foundation for continued learning and professional development.

Academic Advising Enrichment would like to thank Pamela Pretell '14 for dedicating her time to lead this project from an idea into reality; her efforts made this possible. Additional acknowledgements go to Karla Ocampo and Fabian Iglesias '15 for their contributions to content, as well as Kari Gage, Karla Ocampo, Mark Reyes '06, and Brighid O'Halloran for review and refinement.


Get Started

To gain access to the Canvas modules, please complete this Access Request Form.

While this resource was developed for new advisors, we encourage advising supervisors and continuing advisors to explore it as well. This Supervisor Guide is a helpful tool for supervisors who would like to support their advisors as they work through the modules.


Onboarding Team

The Onboarding Team is responsible for keeping the resource updated and engaging with learners via the discussion board space in Canvas. 

  • Pamela Pretell
  • Kari Gage
  • Karla Ocampo
  • Mark Reyes
  • Brighid O'Halloran
  • Erica Cefalo

Do you have questions about the resource? Are you interested in getting involved? Do you have content that should be included or amended in the modules? Please contact Nicole Wood from Academic Advising Enrichment.