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Academic Advising Mentoring Program

Academic Advising Mentoring Program

The Academic Advising Mentoring Program (AAMP) comes to you as a subcommittee of the Advising Training and Professional Development committee (ATPD). The Mentoring Program was created to provide a structured environment for UC Davis advisors to develop a sustainable, engaging, and rewarding career that benefits the individual and the UC Davis community as a whole. The program also acts as an avenue for new advisors to begin to create their own advising network. Participating in the Academic Advisor Mentoring Program provides mentors with an opportunity to use their experience and leadership skills to enhance advising and advisor career development. Mentors will help mentees identify short and long term career goals and provide tailored support to personalize the mentoring program for each individual. This program serves to broaden connections and enhance engagement.

AAMP Committee Structure Image