Interview Questions & Reference Checks



  • Align with position qualifications.
  • Focus on advising experience, education, competency.
  • Exclude questions that include UC Davis-specific/acquired knowledge.
  • Address the candidate's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Provide candidates with materials (e.g., Principles of Community) in advance if you wish to address the concepts in an interview.

Sample interview prompts:

  • Describe your advising philosophy.
  • Explain how your education and/or experience positions you for success in this role.
  • Provide an example from your experience where you developed a strategy to address a student academic need. How did you identify the need and what was the strategy?
  • Describe a circumstance where you promoted diversity, equity and inclusion in your most recent experience.

Sample reference check prompts:

  • Describe the candidate's primary roles and responsibilities during their employment with you.
  • Discuss the candidate's ability to prioritize and handle competing professional obligations.
  • How has the candidate demonstrated a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • Describe how the candidate builds rapport in professional interactions.

Reach out:

The Academic Advising Enrichment office can review unit-developed interview questions or can work together with a unit to ensure alignment with equitable standards.