RAC Composition


A Recruitment Advisory Committee (RAC) should be assembled for every recruitment. The RAC Chair should be assigned the responsibility of leading the process to maintain equity in the candidate review and selection process. The Chair of the RAC should provide committee members with an overview of the committee’s commitment to equitable hiring practices and tips for preparing and engaging in the process. The committee should provide space for discussion of implicit bias and methods for diminishing possibilities of bias in the hiring process.

All RACs hiring an academic advisor should include a current campus academic advisor. Also, best practice includes incorporating advising staff outside of the unit recruiting for the position.

RAC Diversity:

At the individual level, RAC composition should reflect diversity ideals with staff/faculty/administrators from different:

  • backgrounds
  • identities
  • positions/titles
  • departments/divisions

The Academic Advising Enrichment office can help to identify individuals to serve on a RAC in alignment with these ideals.