Advisor Funding Support Program

Advisor working in office.

Advisor Funding Support Program

The Office of Academic Advising offers the possibility of support for UC Davis academic advisors' professional development pursuits via our UC Davis Academic Advisor Support Program. The application program aims to assist advisors with professional development expenses and is designed to operate in conjunction with unit support.  Funding capacity shifts from year to year, based on variable budgetary resources.  With the exception of award recipients, applicants can receive a maximum of $500 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30) in professional development support funds from the Office of Academic Advising.  Staff and faculty NACADA award recipients are eligible to apply for, and receive, more than the $500 fiscal year maximum allowance for travel to the corresponding conference in order to receive their award in person.


To be considered for professional development funding support, you must meet one of the below eligibility requirements:

  1. Applicant received regional or global level NACADA award for outstanding performance in an advising capacity.
  2. Applicant was invited as a presenter for an approved academic advising conference.
  3. Applicant intends to accomplish significant programmatic or strategic objectives through attending a specific approved conference.
  4. Applicant provided service to the Office of Academic Advising through committee membership, workshop facilitation, or other corresponding initiative participation.

Approved conferences: UC Academic Advising Conference, California Collaborative Advising and Counseling Conference, Region 9 NACADA Conference, and Annual NACADA Conference. 

Please note that there are also travel awards available through NACADA.


  • Must be current UC Davis faculty or staff member.
  • Must either be employed through one of the four undergraduate academic colleges or provide formal direct service to the Office of Academic Advising.
  • Must have approval from immediate supervisor.


  • Apply via the Advisor Professional Development Support Request form and follow instructions provided within; application must be completed in full at least six weeks in advance of stipulated professional development pursuit.
  • The Office of Academic Advising will notify applicants about the status of professional development support funding decisions at least four weeks in advance of the stipulated professional development pursuit.
  • Notifications on approved support funds will detail the dollar amount and the process by which the funds will be transmitted.


Funding determinations will be based upon (1) availability of funds, (2) the number of applications submitted, (3) the prioritization of award recipients, and (4) the aim for diversification of funded recipients.

The Office of Academic Advising acknowledges that special circumstances may allow for exceptions to these terms.